The 4th International Water Regulators Forum (IWRF) will be held this 14 of November 2017, alongside the IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The 4th IWRF is organized as an invite only meeting to host high level representatives of regulatory authorities and officials with regulatory and supervisory functions related to the provision of water, sanitation and wastewater management services.

The IWRF facilitates dialogue across regulatory functions – economic, health and environmental – and sectors to enable synergies, peer to peer learning and building new partnerships.

To date, the Forum has successfully gathered in Lisbon 2014 (Lisbon Charter), London 2015 and Brisbane 2016 –reaching to over 100 regulatory institutions from more than 80 jurisdictions in all continents, becoming a one of a kind global network of regulators hosted by IWA. Join the group on IWA Connect.

This year we will continue furthering dialogue and cooperation, addressing the key role of regulatory authorities achieving an enabling progress across SDGs. The Forum will be complemented by a series of activities throughout the congress, connecting regulators to other water champions.

Invitation and registration

Participation at the 4th International Water Regulators Forum is by invitation only.

Regulatory authorities and officials with regulatory and supervisory functions related to the provision of water, sanitation and wastewater management services are welcome to request an invitation.

Delegates are required to register for the Water and Development Congress & Exhibition 2017

Programme committee


Ana Albuquerque

Commissioner, Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority (ERSAR), Portugal


Alberto Biancardi

President of WAREG (European Water Regulators) and Commissioner of the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water Services (AEEGSI), Italy


Alan Sutherland

Chief Executive, Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS), Scotland, United Kingdom

Ivaylo K

Ivaylo Kastchiev

General Director of “Water and sanitation services” Directorate, Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC), Bulgaria

foto para adasa

José Bento Da Rocha

Regulator of Public Services, Superintendent of Planning and Special Programs – Energy and Basic Sanitation Agency of the Federal District (ADASA), Brasilia, Federal District (DF), Brazil


Kelvin Chitumbo

Chief Executive Officer, National Water Supply and Sanitation Council (NWASCO), Zambia

oscar pintos

Oscar Hugo Pintos

President of Ente Regulador de Servicios Sanitarios de Santa Fe (ENRESS), of Asociación Federal de Entes Reguladores de Agua y Saneamiento de Argentina (AFERAS) and of Asociación de entes reguladores de agua potable y saneamiento de las Américas (ADERASA), Argentina


Seamus Parker

Executive Director, Strategic Partners, Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC), Australia


Rianna Gonzales

Water Resources Agency -Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), Trinidad and Tobago


Trevor Bishop

Director Strategy and Policy, Water Services Regulation Authority (OFWAT), England and Wales, United Kingdom

Water Policy and Regulators around the world