IWA is committed to recognising the special contributions and achievements of its members and water sector professionals, and the invaluable contribution they make to key innovations in water science and management.

The 2017 IWA Development Award is bestowed in honour of Piers Cross, a well-known and respected development expert who passed away earlier this year. He was the tireless and inventive driving force behind many successful initiatives throughout the water sector, and IWA is proud to present this Award in his memory.

The Awards

The IWA Development Award is in recognition of an outstanding innovation or contribution to science or practice which has led to demonstrable uptake/impact/influence at national, regional or international levels in low and middle income countries.

The Award relates specifically to:

  • Water supply, sanitation, hygiene and water resource management initiatives;
  • Technical and/or non-technical innovations and contributions;
  • Initiatives which have demonstrable uptake, impact or influence on practice, policy and thinking;
  • Initiatives not less than 10 years old

The two awards to be awarded in 2017 are the Development Awards for Research and Practice, which will be presented during the opening Ceremony of the  IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition in Buenos Aires.

IWA Development Award: Research

This award recognizes an outstanding contribution to science which has led to demonstrable impact in low and middle income countries.

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IWA Development Award: Practice

This award recognizes an outstanding contribution to best practice in water management which has led to demonstrable impact in low and middle income countries.

To be announced…

Pay Dreschsel

2015 IWA Development Award: RESEARCH

Pay Drechsel was awarded the IWA Water and Development Award for Research for increasing our knowledge on low-cost safety options along the farm to fork pathway. This work directly supported the World Health Organization’s multi-barrier concept for safe wastewater irrigation. His research has played an important role in developing options for safe wastewater use in countries where treatment capacities are low and informal wastewater use is a common feature of irrigated urban and peri-urban agriculture in support of urban food security.

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2015 IWA Development Award: PRACTICE

Mamadou Dia has played a key role in transforming the water sector in Senegal to be a leader in Africa. Amongst his many notable achievements he was awarded the IWA Development Award for Practice for increasing access to water services, particularly amongst poor communities; improving the quality of water services; and contributing to the International Water Association’s work on the Human Right to Water and Sanitation…

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Mamadou Dia

Eligibility and Criteria

The award is open to an individual (IWA member or non-member), or representative of an organization active in the sector. Eligible individuals/organizations can be drawn from practice, academia/science, consultancy, equipment manufacturers, NGOs and civil society, international organizations or government.

Established selection criteria include:

The contribution is innovative (i.e., bringing unique or new solutions, representing a change or improvement in existing practices) and adaptable, with significant, demonstrable uptake, impact or influence;

Is focused explicitly on, or with clear relevance for, poor communities in low and middle income countries;

Relates to one or more of the following sub-topics: water supply and treatment (drinking water, wastewater), (on-site) sanitation, hygiene and health interventions, water resource management, financing, community engagement, community education, planning, capacity building, regulation/standards, institutional development operation & maintenance, management etc.

Involves significant local planning, management, delivery and engagement.