In November 2017, Argentina will host the International Water Association’s Water and Development Congress, one of the most important events globally in the field of water and sanitation. In addition to the excellent news for Argentina, as this event represents an opportunity to showcase the country’s new policies aimed at gaining efficiency in the management of public services and the commitment to the improvement of water and sanitation services, this Conference is also a great opportunity for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

Latin America and the Caribbean have made good, but insufficient, progress in terms of access to water and sanitation over the last two decades, measured by the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Today, more than 110 million people in the region lack of adequate sanitation solutions and more than 30 million lack of access to safe water. In factual terms, the situation of water and sanitation services in LAC is more critical than what MDGs achievements showed. The goals for the new and ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) impose a great challenge on governments, water and sanitation utilities and the community.

Data from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) show that to achieve universal coverage in water and sanitation, meeting quality standards and eliminating inequities associated with SDGs will require not only a large investment effort (over US $ 120 billion), but a reengineering in public policy, capacity building of service providers, promotion and development of innovative asset design, construction and operation mechanisms, and private sector investment and management.

The Water and Development Congress is an unique opportunity for the leaders of our region, service providers, academia, trade unions, industry, NGOs and the community in general to be introduced to the latest innovations and developments in terms of public policies, services management tools and mechanisms, benchmarking techniques, construction and operation technologies, energy efficiency, the water food energy nexus, and new approaches to citizen engagement and participation to meet the sector challenges. The IDB welcome and supports both the Argentine Government and the IWA to the region, invites the water and sanitation representatives to actively participate in this event. Sharing experiences and lessons learned from other regions will be a great contribution towards the achievement of the SDGs in LAC.

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En el mes de noviembre de 2017 Argentina servirá de sede del Congreso de Desarrollo y Agua de la IWA, uno de los eventos más importantes a nivel global en materia de agua y saneamiento. Además de las excelentes noticias que para Argentina representa esta oportunidad para mostrar al mundo el nuevo rumbo de su política aperturista, de búsqueda de eficiencia en la gestión de los servicios públicos y de compromiso categórico con el mejoramiento de los servicios de agua y saneamiento, este Congreso es también una gran oportunidad para Latinoamérica y el Caribe (LAC).

Si bien la región fue una de las que más avanzó en el cumplimiento de los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio (ODM) para agua segura, su desempeño en términos de saneamiento mejorado no fue satisfactorio. Hoy, más 110 millones de habitantes de la región carecen de adecuadas soluciones de saneamiento y más de 30 millones de acceso a agua segura. En realidad, la situación de los servicios de agua y saneamiento en LAC es más crítica que lo que muestran los logros en materia de los ODM. Las metas de los nuevos y ambiciosos Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS), imponen un reto muy grande a los gobiernos, a las empresas de servicios de agua y saneamiento y a la comunidad en general.

Estimaciones del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) indican que para alcanzar la cobertura universal en agua y saneamiento, cumplir los estándares de calidad y eliminar las inequidades asociadas a las metas de los ODS requerirá no solo un gran esfuerzo en materia de inversiones (que supera los US$ 120 billones de dólares), sino que requerirá toda una reingeniería en materia de políticas públicas, fortalecimiento de las capacidades de los prestadores de los servicios, promoción y desarrollo de mecanismos innovadores de diseño, construcción y operación de activos, y atracción del sector privado a la gestión e inversión de los mismos.

El Congreso de Agua y Desarrollo es una oportunidad inmejorable para que los gobernantes de nuestra región, los entres prestadores de los servicios, la academia, los gremios, la industria, las ONGs y la comunidad en general, se expongan a las últimas innovaciones y desarrollos en materia de políticas públicas, instrumentos y mecanismos de gestión de los servicios, benchmarking, tecnologías de construcción y operación, eficiencia energética, el Nexo Agua-Electricidad-Alimentación, y de nuevos enfoques de participación ciudadana para hacer frente a los retos de la región. El BID celebra y apoya tanto al Gobierno Argentino como a la IWA por este voto para con la región, invita a los representantes del sector de agua y saneamiento a que participen activa y presencialmente en este importante evento, y estamos seguros que la exposición frente a los pares de otros continentes será de gran aporte y utilidad para el logro de los ODS.

Latin American culture and expertise in Water Management

Latin America is the most urbanized region on the planet, with over 80% of the population living in cities. Being in Buenos Aries later this year for the Water and Development Congress & Exhibition will provide an opportunity to see up close how this city has developed its economy, services and infrastructure. And this is important for urban leaders from other developing regions such as Africa and Asia who are entering an era of urbanisation.

Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina.

Water is now recognized as a key enabler and connector for the critical issues of our time: security, sustainability and resilience. And so Buenos Aries also emerges as a forward looking city that embraces innovation and seeks to establish itself as a ‘smart city’.

A pulsating cosmopolitan city and a place of many passions, Buenos Aires has been voted repeatedly as the best city in Latin America due to its architectural and cultural heritage, modern creative energy, nightlife, traditions, art, parks, and friendly residents. Learn more about Buenos Aires and book your trip.

Please understand VISA requirements for Argentina before booking your trip.


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A global congress at a water plant in Buenos Aires!

Venue: General San Martin Plant

During the Congress, there will be transportation services available near Congress hotels for delegates to get to and from the General San Martin Plant. But Buenos Aires has a great transport system with multiple options including extensive subway networks, buses, trains, taxis and car rental facilities. Check the Public transport available for options, timetables and fares. Alternatively, you can download the BA Como Llego app to assist you in navigating around Buenos Aires. 



A taxi booth is located outside the terminals of Ministro Pistarini International Airport (Ezeiza). The cost will be approximately $680 ARS (€40) one way and pre-booking is recommended online The journey to the city centre is approximately 45 minutes.

The Manuel Tienda Leon Bus Company runs a shuttle service between Ezeiza Airport and downtown Buenos Aires. The journey time to the city centre is approximately one hour and tickets can be purchased at booths inside the arrivals hall or online

Sightseeing Tours

Below are just a few exciting tours you can experience in and around Buenos Aires. For bookings and further enquiries, please email Essential Travel at

Gaucho party (8 hours)

Experience the life of the Argentina countryside!

Our trip steers outside the city in the Pampean region. Upon arrival at the ranch, the gauchos will welcome us with empanadas (a typical Argentine meal) juices and local wines. You can ride horses and enjoy a ride in a colonial carriage. At midday, we will have a delicious lunch based on “ranch traditional barbecue” with a wide variety of salads. The lunch includes sodas, water, beer and wine. During the meal, a folkloric show with the most attractive dances of the region will take place. During the afternoon, you will see spectacular demonstrations: ring races and troop rides.

An unforgettable day to enjoy the gaucho life!

USD152 per person

Tour includes:

  • Tour Guide (Spanish/English)
  • Transfer
  • Horseback riding
  • Lunch (empanadas, barbecue, salads) (vegetarian option available)
  • Drinks

Temaiken: Earth of life (6 hours)

Temaiken is the place where nature surprises and teaches!

This spectacular Park is placed at 50 km of Buenos Aires City, in Escobar. Its inhabitants are: mammals, fishes, birds, reptiles and plants. It has an aquarium, Interactive Centres, Live Patagonia, 360° cinema and Park of sensations. LIFE LAND. This is a unique park in Latin America. You will enjoy the whole variety of birds and animals. You will be surprised with the spectacular aquarium, where the sharks will be swimming a few centimetres above your head. And a tunnel will take you to the subterranean Patagonia. You will experience the wild fauna. As you go through the Park you will find white tigers, hippopotamus submerged in clear water and a cinema with eight screens, where life will completely shroud you. Also, there are unforgettable entertainments.

USD84 per person

Tour includes:

  • Tour Guide (Spanish / English)
  • Transfers
  • Entrance ticket to theme park

Zoo Lujan (6 hours)

Unique opportunity to interact with the animals!!!

Enjoy an exceptional day just centimetres away of the most exotic species of the world fauna. A unique and innovative zoo, where animals coexist with humans from birth and throughout the course of his life, which is achieved by a dedicated taming process that was what characterized this zoo since its founding. Unforgettable experience!!


USD98 per person

Tour includes:

  • Tour Guide (Spanish / English)
  • Transfers
  • Entrance ticket to the zoo